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Alerts on Disabled components

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I have some SAM templates assigned to around two hundreds of Windows boxes.

Some of components in templates are Disabled, rather on template level than on given nodes.

Alerts for fired for this components are still active and shown on All Active Alerts page.

I have modified a little query from Petr.Vilem​ (Re: Disabled components not really disabled 😞

SELECT c.ID, C.Name, c.ComponentType, c.ApplicationID, c.TemplateID, c.ApplicationItemID, c.IsDisabled, c.Disabled, ccs.Availability

FROM APM_ComponentExt c 

INNER JOIN APM_CurrentComponentStatus ccs ON c.ID = ccs.ComponentID 

WHERE c.[Disabled] = 1 AND ccs.Availability <> 7 

AND IsDisabled IS NULL

and got 3059 rows in result.

I have SAM version 6.2.4, bug with alerts for Disabled components is told to be fixed with release of 6.2 and 6.2.1 (Bug:  Disabled component causing alerts to fire , Re: Disabled components not really disabled,  ).

So I'm curious

1) what is the reason of such behaviour of SAM 6.2.4

2) what is a difference between APM_ComponentExt.Disabled and APM_ComponentExt.isDisabled in meaning?

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Thank You, Petr.Vilem​, for the explanation.

About the source of the problem I have learned in the Support Case that there is a bug to be fixed in SAM 6.5, so they provided me with an SQL query to fix values on database as a workaround.

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Ad 2) this is internal implementation thing but if you really need to know it:

  • APM_ComponentExt.isDisabled = APM_Component.isDisabled refers to override on component level. NULL value in this place means that component does not override (i.e. inherits from template), TRUE/FALSE in this place means that it overrides value ignoring setting from template.
  • APM_ComponentExt.Disabled refers to final resolved state considering setting on template level and override on instance level. So TRUE here means that component is disabled either on template or on instance level.
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Level 12

Another case fixed by upgrade to 6.2.1 and remove and fresh define of an alert: Re: Alerting bug with ${N=SwisEntity;M=ApplicationAlert.ComponentsWithStatusFormatted} ?

Still in doubt as my alerts were defined on 6.2.4...

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