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Alerting on Volumes Question

Greetings THWACK looking for some thoughts on alerting for volumes

Current Setup

I have three custom properties setup with floating point numbers for my volumes so I can set per node what full is.


I also have setup a custom property to assign a node owner for alerting on each node.


I setup three different alerts for Warning, Critical, and full.

So say the drive space shoots up to 98% full which to send out just one alert and not all three? I think there probably is but I am not sure where to start looking for instructions. 

Thanks -Dave


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Hello @martian_monster ,

@s-bolyard is correct, you just need to fine tune 2 alerts (Warning & Critical) amongst the 3 that you have setup.

I setup three different alerts for Warning, Critical, and full.

1. Volume Full Alert - Trigger condition -> Volume Utilization % => Volume Full %

2. Volume Critical Alert - Trigger Condition -> Volume Utilization % => Volume Critical % && < Volume Full %

3. Volume Warning Alert - Trigger Condition -> Volume Utilization % => Volume Warning % && < Volume Critical %

Defining the range for each threshold/severity also works well for me.

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I use the Custom SQL Alert (Advanced) option under Trigger Condition and use the following query:

SELECT Volumes.FullName, Volumes.VolumeID FROM Volumes

INNER JOIN [dbo].[VolumesForecastCapacity] ON volumes.caption = [dbo].[VolumesForecastCapacity].instancecaption
INNER JOIN nodes ON nodes.nodeid = volumes.nodeid
WHERE volumes.volumepercentused >= [dbo].[VolumesForecastCapacity].WarningThreshold
AND ([dbo].[VolumesForecastCapacity].CurrentValue < [dbo].[VolumesForecastCapacity].CriticalThreshold)
AND volumes.VolumeType iN ('Fixed Disk','Mount Point','FixedDisk','MountPoint')
AND nodes.UnManaged = 0

There's probably a better way, but I haven't seen any posts on it.