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Alerting on MountPoint Volume Space

I am trying to alert on free space left for all volume types in my environment. When alerting on a cluster storage "Mountpoint" disk types, I get multiple alerts for each node that has that disk mounted. How can I filter to unique disks so we are not spammed 12 times for the same disk?


I found another user who solved the same issue by changing his "I want to alert on" option to node. But Node alerting does not have the fields for volume space from what I can find.


Any help appreciated



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Why would you monitor the mount point multiple times?

Just remove it from all servers except for one and create the alert for volumes.

Ditto to removing the mount points. If you want to spend more time, you could use a node custom property - "Allow_MountPount_Alerts" with yes/no option, and have a mountpoint only alert exclude nodes with it set to no. Volume custom properties can also be used,but they apply to each volume individually. 

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