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Alert me when the free space of a volume is less than 5%


We are using the out of box alert for free space and looking for a way to exclude large partitions.  For example, we might have a server with terabytes of space and 5% is acceptable.  We would want to monitor this server at a lower threshold of 2% since it has so much space.  Would i need to exclude the node from the trigger condition and create another alert with a 2% threshold.  This just seems like alot of work every time we need to exclude one of these servers.  

Any help would be great!!! 

Thank you,


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Had the same issue back in the past but this guide allowed to solve it:

By default this will alert on all volumes at 95% capacity but you will be also able to define thresholds on per volume basis. Please read the whole thread before applying this as there may be issues with forecast functionality as it needs time to kick in on newly added nodes.


Thanks for the response!

I created the alert based on the NPM Doc and it appears to be working.  A few things I found to be a problem and this might be something i'm missing on my end...the alert is reporting on critical Physical Memory included with disk volume.  The second thing I noticed is that the trigger action with my variables do not come back with any information.  Any thoughts? 












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