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Aggregate processes into one chart


 We have several important customer-facing servers hosted at our suppliers.

At present, we log in to our suppliers portal to view cpu load, availability etc. But it would be nice to have Orion provide this functionality.

One of our Oracle servers has close 1000 Oracle processes, which means that if you look at CPU load, you get a chart with 1000 lines all at the bottom, charting 0-1% each, which is obviously not that helpful. We would like the ability to aggregate those lines into one that sums all the Oracle processes on that box and shows one line for all (say, 75% for Oracle)

What would also be nice is super-imposing several lines (say, an aggregate for the oracle processes, with a red line below for min cpu load and a blue line above for max cpu load)

Perhaps someone could shed some light on this, either pointing to a setting that does this already, or an ETA on a future release that will include tis functionality?

Many thanks


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