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Aggregate Disk Allocation for multiple hosts

I'm a SAM noob.  Our SAM administrator is a contractor, so I'm trying to figure this out on my own, since it doesn't appear that SAM comes with this out of the box.

Basically, I'm trying to find out aggregate disk allocation for a 'pod' of hosts.

example...I have 10 hosts....each with 1 TB of disk allocated to it.  I want SAM to give me this aggregate amount (10TB), as well as how much of that 10TB is in use.

I assume I have to do something with scripting to get this info.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum...moderator please move if necessary!

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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Probably is a way to do that with SAM, however, I would not think you need it that complex.  Likely, you are already tracking that information per node, either as a Virtual Machine or Physical Machine. 

Have you looked at using report writer?   The disk and volume information is available, so it might be possible with just the 'pick list' from that report.

After logging in, I see I can get to "Reports" but doesn't look like I have permissions to create any.  I can probably get that.

Under "Node Reports", I see a report for All Disk Volumes.

That lists each host and the disks/memory each has.  Now I would need for it to say...this group of 10 is the total amount on their S:\ drives and how much is in use.

I'll see if I can get access and then poke around some more in there.

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Another thing I should add is that...the data for this would need to be delivered to a billing group for use in billing.  Can the report writer do that?  Or would someone actually need to run the report, and then use the information in the report to do billing?  that woudlnt' work.

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Yes, you can email reports to people.

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