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Agent plugins missing


We have deployed agents on 3100 servers (windows/linux) for the moment.
Today, I decided to apply a template (3 components) to ~1000 nodes, but only 50 app monitors are working.

For 950 nodes, the application monitor stays in "unknown" state, with "Initial poll in progress." output.

I have unmanage/remanage all application monitors, same issue. The agent state is "connected".
I edit the app monitor, launch a test, I had the message "Unable to schedule job on agent node ## required APM plugin is missing or not installed properly." Then if I wait 30 seconds (time for plugin installation) and test again, the application monitor is polling successfully.

So I check the plugins installed on the 950 nodes : I have 5 plugins installed whereas on working agent I have 17 plugins !

The agent is exactly the same, installed with the same way ; why I have such behaviour ? How to correct that ?


I'm a little bit upset pissed off, we bought Solarwinds licences 6 months ago and I'm facing ton of issues like that (despite my previous experience on the product), the solution is loosing credibility

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How long have you been waiting since the assignment of the application monitors?

You're probably not going to like this suggestion but I would suggest waiting the night. The agents don't deploy with all the plugins enabled, they enable them as required. based off your overview of the issue it looks like it is doing the agents in chunks rather than all at once (this is by design as well, it does this during agent upgrades as well), however, when you initiate a test it is essentially forcing the plugin installation.

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I waited 14 hours so far 

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During that 14 hours does the number of Applications in "initial polling" decrease without user intervention?

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what was the final out come

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Plug in were deployed for hours

But now, I have a workaround : i have a script that install APM plug-in each time a new agent is detected

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