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After SolarWinds upgrade to 2019.4 agents went to auto update state even disabling auto update


Recently, we have upgraded SolarWinds from 2019.2 to 2019.4.

We have observed that SolarWinds agents went in auto update state after upgrade even disabling auto update globally as well as disabled auto update at each agent level by querying in database.

Disabling agent auto update option does@ not works with SolarWinds.


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Product Manager
Product Manager


Did you have an opportunity to verify if agents are in fact being upgraded or just the pending upgrade message in agent management UI? If they are really upgraded, a support case with diagnostics is the next step.


@sturdyerde If there any specific references you can share which I could look at that would help.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Did the Agent(s) actually update themselves to the latest version automatically, or are you just seeing that Updates are Pending under Agent Management? 

Even with Automatic Updates disabled, the agents will still be flagged as needing to be updated within the UI. They should not, however, actually update themselves unless you explicitly tell them to do so through the UI, or you re-enable automatic updates. The only other way an Agent could be updated is through the use of your own 3rd party update tool, such as SolarWinds Patch Manager, SCCM, etc.

If you're seeing agents automatically upgrade themselves to the latest version when automatic upgrades are disabled, please grab diagnostics from all Orion servers and a few different agents as quickly as possible following this event. Then open a support case so we can investigate the cause. 

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This has been noted in several places. I do hope that Solarwinds engineers and product managers take note that this behavior is not OK.

Not only is this not ok, but the web console where you disable it according to support doesn't really do anything (under agent global settings).   I believe I saw a post where @aLTeReGo responded and said it could be disabled on the database individually.  Now the tech person is telling me it can't be disabled that way either?


This is a major problem for me based on where i work.  agent monitored objects are locked down pretty hard.  if i have to hotfix or patch the platform, i can't have the agent try to update and crap the bed b/c it isn't whitelisted to do this.

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