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Add SAM monitored sql server to GROUP DASHBOARD.


    I have used solar winds ncentral and certain modules of solarwinds to monitor network performance in the past. However this is my first time using appinsight and SAM. I have been able to set yup SAM monitoring for a sql server and created a group dashboard with all the components for an application we use included in the group. For example I've named the group X application and I have the two servers that contain an IIS cluster as well as the SQL servers being monitored in that group. I would like to set up appinsight for SQL and have it appear as part of this group. I've been told by support that this is not possible by design, however I'm wondering if there is a way to include all these services in the same GROUP or at least make some portion of the appinsight information available in the group that corresponds to this application. Thank you and sorry if my question is not clear.

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So it's a bit confusing but the appinsights can definitely be added to groups.   They just don't fall under the "application" object type.   There's explicit object types for each of them that you can add, I'm not on my system right now but IIRC an SQL instance is called something like appinsight for sql instance and once you select that object type you should see yours listed under there.

- Marc Netterfield, Github