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Active Directory Health Check

Our Active Directory (AD) engineers have to manually create several reports each day showing the status of AD.  We have WMI and or Agents deployed on the Domain Controllers, Backup Domain Controllers.  We are running AD 2012, 2016 and I think later versions.  We are in the SolarWinds SAM 2019.4.1 environment.  I've attached a picture of the different fields they are collecting.

I've looked at many options on the Web based reporting tool - trying to get similar information.  I'm not a SWQL / SQL guru - and really want a web based point and click solution (keep it simple for me and others who follow in my foot steps).  

Any suggestions on how I can accomplish creating a report that can be easily run by our engineers?

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@carxfrog looking at the screenshot, it looks like most of the information they are requesting is covered in AppInsight for Active Directory. Do you have AppInsight for Active Directory enabled on your DC's in the environment? Once you enable it creating a report with the items that you would like should be fairly straightforward. in fact instead of a report, you could just send them a link to the Active Directory Summary page and they can see the most current health statistics.

Configure AppInsight for Active Directory

Thank you .... forwarding your information to people smarter than me.  I await their comments.  Appreciate the quick response.

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@carxfrog  no problem, let me know if you have additional questions

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