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Level 9

APM not showing all Active Directory info - Invalid Class


We have 4 AD Domain Controller's and all are not show the same info shown in the picture below.  I'm using a eval of APM, so it could just be me, what could be the problem?

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Level 13

I posted about the WMI "invalid class" errors previously in this thwack thread:

The LDAP Bind Time component monitor from your screenshot is trying to read the counter LDAPBindTime from the class Win32_PerfRawData_NTDS_NTDS.

As stated in the thwack post, if you can't remotely read this counter even with the Microsoft tool, that counter probably isn't working right on the Active Directory server. 

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Running wmiadap /F on the DC's fixed this by creating those classes.

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I have just used the WMI Explorer tool from MS, but dont see Win32_PerfRawData_NTDS_NTDS.  I have connect to the DC on Name space Root\CIMV2 and see many other Win32_PerfRawData_ classes but no the oen you suggested?

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Level 19

Looks like you're having WMI permissions issues.  I'd recommend working with this first:

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