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APM Polling Interval?

Hi Guys

I have about 30 application monitor templates assigned to about 100 nodes and they work like a dream. However I decided to add about another 100 nodes to our Windows Server template and have now seen what looks like that APM cannot finish collecting the info in time. On the Component monitors I get a "Connection Timeout" error with the Applicaition Down status.

Is there a way of making sure that the Performance counter data can be retrieved in time so that it shows its status correctly? Is there a limit on Application monitors? Have I overloaded our Orion server?? - (currently has 8 cores, 16Gb RAM, seperate SQL Server monitoring 6,300 elements, with APM, NTA, NCM and Storage Profiler :-0 !!)

Any Info would be greatly received!



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what APM version are you running? There have been some improvements in performance counter polling in APM 4.0.2...

Also, you have just 1 application per node. Each application contains 30 Monitors? 

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Will upgrade to 4.0.2 today.

Yes our Windows Server template will contain about that many monitors, is it too much to expect APM to poll hundreds of monitors is there a limit?

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