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Level 7

APM Monitor Troubleshooting

I am new to Orion and APM.  I'm trying to evaluate the software by creating test monitors based on our existing Nagios monitors.  Right now I'm trying to do the "User Experience" monitors which are HTTP and HTTPS monitors.  Some are working and some are not.  Where do I go to see details of the monitor failures so I can troubleshoot what may be wrong?

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Level 17

 From the website you should be able to drill down until you see an Orange square under Monitor Status (info button) mouse over and that will display more information.

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Thanks - found it.

 The info is "Unexpected error occured. The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send."

 I can copy and paste the URL in the APM monitor into IE and it brings up the desired webpage with the search string in plain view.

 This URL is of the format

 Does APM have a problem with these kinds of URL's?

 Is there anywhere else I can look to get more details than the "info" mouse over?

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