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Level 8

APM File Count alert issue

I have the File Count template monitoring a directory and it works very well.  I am trying to create an Alert so that everytime a new file is added to this directory, it emails me.

It does not seem to work when I use this condition:

Statistic Data has changed

but it works fine when I set it to:

Statistic Data is greater than 0


The problem is that it will send an email once doing the above and let me know the current number of files (for example, 60) but does not reset the trigger and send any subsequent emails as more files are added to the directory.  I tried copying the same conditions as the Trigger Condition to the Reset Condition but it did not work.  Where am I going wrong with this alert?  Thank you.

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Level 19

The "has changed" operator doesn't work with any APM data, so that's your problem.  I can't think of how to do what you're trying to do without a script.  If you had a script, you could generate any statistic you want, such as, number of files added in the last 5 minutes.

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