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Level 7

APM Component Organization

Is it possible to change the order of the components in an APM template without deleting and recreating the individual components? We have several templates that monitor applications with multiple services and as the applications are updated and new services are added, the templates can become confusing. For example, a template might list the following components:

Customer X - service 1

Customer X - script 1

Customer X - script 2

Customer Y - service 1

Customer Y - script 1

Customer Y - script 2

If we later add another component to monitor, we have to delete all of the components for Customer Y to add another component for Customer X, then recreate the components for Customer Y so that they are grouped together. Is ther any way to reorder these without deleting\recreating them or splitting the APM templates off?

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Level 13

I'm just guessing at your needs here:  Would it be useful to have one master template, but to thencreate separate applications for each of your customers?

Template: Service1, Script1, Script2

Customer X Application: Inherit Template

Customer Y Application: Inherit Template

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Level 14

Hello Brunzwick,
I'm afraid that there is no other way to do that. Components are ordered in way they were created. Why don't you split template and make one for each customer? It seems more logical to me but of course I don't know your scenario.

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