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Level 7

APM 2.0 SP2 and Oracle®


After reading this page, and specifically this paragraph:

Orion APM enables you to measure application performance from an end user’s perspective with out-of-the-box SaaS monitoring and support for HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle®, and other ODBC databases. This Quality of Experience (QoE) measurement gives you a heads up on problems and helps ensure that your users are happy with the performance of the applications that they rely on.

my DBAs are asking me if APM 2.0 (SP2) can monitor these Oracle things:

  • top sql
  • shared_pool
  • pga
  • sga
  • db_cache
  • buffer_pool
  • redo log
Now, I'm a telecom guy so, don't know much about these things mentionned above.

I've used the first version of APM with NPM v7, to monitor windows processes (CPU, MEM) via SNMP.  So, before I recommend a 20,000$ package, I need to know if that is possible.

Thanks for reading and for any replies you can throw my way!

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Level 15

I'm looking over the Oracle application template that is included with APM 2.0. I don't know too much about it myself but if any of that information can be pulled using an SQL query, the answer would be a yes. Keep in mind though that an Oracle client will need to be installed on the Orion server to make this possible.
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You will need to install Oracle drivers on your Orion Server for APM to be able to communicate with Oracle.


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Thank you all for your answers.  I'll check this out with my guys.

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Level 19

We have an Oracle DB user experience monitor.  If your DBAs can write a query to gather than info from the database, then we you can create a monitor for each of those stats.

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