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API Poller: Azure REST API

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Has anyone successfully used the API Poller to poll Azure? I'm in desperate need of some help to get this working. Can anyone provide some information on the steps needed to successfully poll Azure (from start to finish)? Please help!

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@LatteLarry  Azure REST requires using OAuth2.0 credential, what is supported by API Poller starting from 2020.2 RC

Here are the steps to configure it:

1. Create API Poller to monitor Azure

2. Go to Configure option

3. Select OAuth2.0 Authorization

4. Click "New credential"

5. Fill all the fields:

  • "Credential name" -> your friendly name 
  • "Client ID" -> "Application (client) ID" available in your Azure portal (Azure Active Direcory service -> App registrations -> Your App)
  • "Client Secret" -> "Client secrets" available in your Azure portal (Azure Active Direcory service -> App registrations -> Your App -> Certificates & secrets)
  • "Access Token URL" ->{{tenantId}}/oauth2/v2.0/token, where {{tenantId}} is your Azure tenantId (Azure Active Direcory service -> App registrations -> Your App -> Directory (tenant) ID)
  • "Scope" -> "" (assuming you are trying to monitor: endpoints)

Sample configuration below:



Let us know if that helps and if you have any other questions or needs.

What is the URL you would like to use in API Poller request?





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@jan.rachwalik One last question... There is no way to modify or delete any of the API Poller credentials created on the 2020.2 platform, right? I created quite a few of them in the process of trying to get this to work. It would be great to be able to clean up these authorization credentials that don't work.

I am also having this problem.  I have no way to remove old unneeded API Poller Credentials.  Hopefully we can get a fix for this FAST!


@LatteLarry @stripet Here is the feature request for Credential Management:

It is marked as "What We're Working On"

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Yes, you are right, no option in UI to edit/delete credential so far.

The only option to delete credential is to do it in database directly.

@jan.rachwalikI'm having trouble locating the API credentials in the database. They are not stored in the normal Credential table, please share where you have located these at in the Orion database.


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@bshuman That's correct. API Poller introduced new credential store that is intended to gather all credentials (not SAM only) in the future.

It is located in the database: SWCredentials_XYZ table, where XYZ is credentials type.

API Poller supports 4 credential types and they are stored in the following tables:






Encoded Secrets are stored in SWCredentials_Secret


Let me know if you have more questions.



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@jan.rachwalik You nailed it! That absolutely solved the Authentication issues. I very much appreciate you and @serena help!! I know this will go a long way in helping other people too.