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API Licencing

We love the new API polling features, the extensibility and use case scenarios is great.

We have an issue with how the API pollers are licensed. The conversion from component-based monitoring to use the API monitors is way too restrictive. For example, we have an ALX150 license for our Staging environment that we use to vet changes before moving to prod. 

ALX150 only provides 10 API metrics to poll.


We can't even test the Microsoft 365 Licence Statistics template as that takes 21 API licenses.

This is way too restrictive and is exaggerated when doing a comparison of our ALX production license where we are limited to 300 API monitored metrics.

Change the licensing model for a single API metric to equal a component license, or license API polling separately and allow us to purchase them. 


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@stevenstadel Thanks for sharing that concern. How many metrics do you monitor in your Prod environment?

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For SAM we are currently at ~30,000 components in Prod.

We are just starting to expore the API monitors with the additon of string support in the latest release.

Before this functionality, we were creating ourour own scripts with a curl or an invoke-webrequest. The new API method makes it so much easier.

As an example we are testing against our Redhat Satellite service to verify the sync_state of different collections we are using for patching. For RH Satellite alone we will need a min of 48 metrics to monitor that service.

We are also very interested in the Microsoft 365 Monitors, and replacing the homegrown scripts we have been using. Over the last few years, our development efforts have been moving to SaaS and relying on an API request for verifying the service functionality is key to our success. 

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Thanks for the detailed answer.

About Microsoft 365 - Have you tried the newly added out of the box API Poller templates for Microsoft 365?

Here is the list:

M365API Pollers.png

If yes, does it meet your expectations? Do you modify those or use those as is?

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