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AKS / Kubernetes Support

I have started to try and on board some of our AKS / kubernetes environments but have an slight issue.  Checking into the logs it throws the message "Node with IP is not added to Orion. Data is not polled" since there is not an pre-existing node in solarwinds. If I go and manually create a node it will start to pull in the containers.


This is not ideal, I would expect the loading of the agent and solarwinds containers for monitoring into kubernetes it would load the node(s) IP's. Especially with the dynamic nature of auto-scaling to update node Ip's so as thigns scale up/down it will get all the containers.


Is the expectation that all nodes need to be loaded first before you add a kubernetes container service ?

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I've the same issue. The Kubernetes support has still a lot room for improvement 😊. What is missing and can be submitted by the Kubernetes POD which is installed because you can get the info from the Kubernetes Cluster API Server:

  • Nodes
  • Node Groups
  • Logs from nodes
  • Namespaces (!)
  • Honoring the difference between PODs and containers
  • Logs from pods/containers

Some of those information could be received by Azure monitoring and API calls but that is a little bit tricky because the answers in a result set are not always in the same order when you do the same request again. I've created a dashboard which gets the information about nodes namespaces and pods which are presented via metric calls and connected them to the POD's which are monitored by the Orion POD.

Does anybody have experience with calls to Azure Analytics? 


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