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Level 11

2020.2.1 is in the portal today (25th August).

I couldn't find up-to-date release notes for it, i.e. what it fixes.

Many of us are struggling with authentication problems on Powershell monitors (a known problem), as well as issues with AppInsight for AD and IIS monitoring - which requires monitoring to be changed to Agentless per node / or in the template, or make sure 4.8 .Net Framework is installed.  The agent tries to install 4.8 but it sometimes fails due to other issues (pending reboots, in-use files, whatever).

What are the fixes in this minor point release?

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Level 8

Oddly my AppInsight for AD has been working on 2020.2 but the .NET 4.8 part is annoying as well as it wanting to push MS VC 2013 12.0.30501 even tho there is a newer version of MS VC 2013 and it just ignores its presence so my boxes have both versions now. 😠


Don't forget the WMI Monitor issue where it currently ignores the specified namespace and runs everything against CIMv2. 😑

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For anyone curious...


2020.2.1 *does* fix the WMI namespace bug where all WMI monitors want to query CIMv2 only despite what the monitor is configured for 👍

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