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List of Servers by OS Report

Here is a report we use to track servers that are running on an OS that is on the End of Life (EOL) list.  The report uses several different data sets to break things up into groups.  The same list can be used as an inventory report by OS. 

If there are any questions, or suggestions to improve, please reach out.


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I Love the report, you made need to update it for custom properties that you use, or add the missing ones (and use them)



I think I need more coffee, I was trying to say that for people who upload it, they will need to alter the report or add the properties

Thanks for the call out @jm_sysadmin. I too was without my morning cup before posting this.  

Ohhhh nice.  I am on a project to cut down and clean up our Domain Controller sprawl and was looking for some kind of report to figure out what is what with all of them.  I can use this as a starting point and adjust from there.  Thanks!!!

Hit me up if I can be of any help @martian_monster !

Hello @the_ben_keen ,

The attached report wasn't quite what I needed, but I am going to use this report.  Thank you!

I took the information @KMSigma gave me and applied that logic to a SWQL query and applied it to a custom query that gives me a device count per OS and I have a link there that points to a Group, which shows all the devices for that OS.  That took the most time to do.



Glad you were able to get what you needed @s-bolyard !

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