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Get the sql query of web based report.


As normally, we can get the SQL query details of which is made in "report witter", Go to sql tab and get the query details.

But below is the step, it helps we can get the SQL query details which is being used by "Web Based" report.

1- you log into the Solarwinds Server
- Open Log Adjuster
- At the Top, Change Hubble Active value to "True"
- Click Apply

Now go to the web console and you will see hubble is active on the web interface.

View the report in the same way.
- Click Details in the red menu bar for Hubble
- Scroll to the bottom of the Hubble Details page and you will see the SQL Query which we use to pull the report from the Orion Database.

Note - After copy and paste the query, please again change the Value in log adjuster from "true" to "false".



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Thank you.  I had previously looked for ways to get this data and gave up.  Started my search again this morning due to some management needs.  This saved me a lot of work.


It is working but let me know how you find the exact query by given steps

I utilized my test server since I am likely the only person using it.

- I exported the report from Prod and Imported to Test

- View the report

- With the results still on the screen, click the details of the Hubble

- Scroll down and the query is near the bottom

- I verified I was getting the correct by looking at the various parameters such as Order by and Group by

Can u please share the sanpshot




Could I also use this tool to see and copy the code for the SQWL query behind a Orion recourse ?

I have an EOC and want to reproduce recourses with custom SWQL queries.

Do you know if this works ?


I used the same steps but it did not work for me .

I am using version NPM 12.2.0 can you please check and confirm if Hubble is still working for you.


it is still there, but you need to check the link with main poller with

local host name.


On Mon, 13 Aug 2018, 16:44 mohitonline,

So you are saying, if we have a additional webserver, we cant use this function? All IIS is disabled on my main poller.


I know this is a bit old, but all im getting is the SWQL, not the SQL. Any thoughts at what im doing wrong. 


Here are some screen shots if it makes it easier to tell what your looking for.

1- you log into the Solarwinds Server

- Open Log Adjuster


- At the Top, Change Hubble Active value to "True"

- Click Apply


Open the Orion webpage or refresh the page (in case it was already open) Hubble should show up In the upper left corner


Go to Manage Reports, select/checkbox a report then click View Report


Once the report loads click on the Red Hubble to view the SWQL




Thank you for sharing! I never used Hubble like this before!

Thanks again!

Any idea how to get this to work with version 2020.2? When I copy/paste the SWQL from the Hubble page into a new Advanced Query (SWQL) report, the query does not work.

I can't seem to get the query to work either. @patriot 


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