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I had someone ask for a report to show Average CPU/RAM use across a large set of nodes. Total average, single metric. The requested data was based around node groupings that were already in place but group reports do not provide these metrics from what we have been able to work up dynamically. The use of Custom properties was the key here, and the setup is easily derived if you are already using Custom Properties for dynamic groups. This report uses a single Node Custom Property labeled 'DeviceType' and is set in the report to pull data from nodes where DeviceType is set to 'Server'. You will need the Custom Property in place to import the report. Once imported, you can edit to adjust the 'Server' value as needed.

I plan to scrip this out as well, so the graphs do not show empty/partial at the beginning of the week. Also timing is kept to week to focus on details tables, and my preference for editing the time frame to 'Last Month' would come with a change of details stats retention adjustment from the default of 7 to 30/31 days. then export would be set early morning on the 1st of each month.

**Report Requirements**

Nodes Custom Property - DeviceType


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Average CPU & Ram Use for a group of Nodes based on Node Custom Property Values

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