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All Defined Custom Property Report

While watching SolarWinds Lab #88 - Building Stellar Orion Reports From the Ground Up today, something that @ChrystalT said struck me.  She said that she's seen systems with hundreds of custom properties.  That gave me pause.

If you share Orion admin duties with some other people and everyone is using custom properties, how can you tell what properties are already out there quickly and easily? I though that this would probably be best in a report so you could see everything at once.



The report should be fairly straight forward, but the first four columns are the name, type, description, and if it's a required in your environment.  The last six columns are how and where the Orion platform uses these properties.

I still think I can come up with a better way to display the "Usage" results, but nothing came immediately to mind.  If you have a suggestion, I'm happy to hear it.

This report was tested on SolarWinds Orion 2020.2 running all products.

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