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how to pull unmanaged nodes report in solar winds

how to pull unmanaged  nodes report in solar winds

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Here it is in SWQL -- That's from some other post but I can't remember which one. I use it as a resource on one of my pages, you can put it in as a report as well using SWQL.

SELECT N.Caption, N.IP_Address, N.UnManageFrom AS [From], N.UnManageUntil AS [Until], AE.AccountID AS [By], DayDiff(GetUtcDate(), N.UnmanageUntil) AS [Days Left]

FROM Orion.Nodes N JOIN Orion.AuditingEvents AE ON (AE.NetObjectID = N.NodeID)

WHERE N.UnManaged = 1 AND (AE.AuditEventID  = (SELECT TOP 1 AE2.AuditEventID FROM Orion.AuditingEvents AE2 WHERE AE2.NetObjectID = N.NodeID ORDER BY AE2.TimeLoggedUtc DESC))

ORDER BY N.Caption


where we need to use this code

1) report writer ?


2) we report console - by creating new report?

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Use the web based report manager, create a new report, choose custom query. Edit the custom query resource and paste the code into


Then click submit and go through the rest of the add report wizard.

Awesome!  Works perfectly!  Thank you pparsaie​.  Much appreciated.

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This is another option. I've switched to it.

Report on Muted and Unmanaged Entities

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Hello dear parsaie,

The above code worked for me , could u pls let me know what changes do i need to make in the resource code to pull report for only last 3 months(90days) and only for servers(device specific)...code which you mentioned above i am getting only network devices/nodes....

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i mean code which you had provided earlier

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Hello parsaie,

Thanks for the resource code that got worked for 60 days , if i want to get the report for 90 days where should i change the code?

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This should do the trick. Either run it against your db, or open Report Writer and select advance sql and paste it in there.

Select Caption,IP_Address,StatusLed

From Nodes

Where Unmanaged like '1'

HI Team,

            I want create the report  for node status is equals to unmanaged and muted from last 5 days.

          Could you please suggest me with correct query?.



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for the scenario how to run against the database ...can u elaborate bit.

if we want to pull report for UN-managed nodes which are not being used from past 60 days

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Open the Solarwinds database manager and run that query from there.

From the NPM server navigate to Start > All Programs > SolarwindsOrion > Advanced Features > Database Manager

This will open the Database Manager. Once it's opened

Click on Add Default Server

Expand the database, then expand the Solarwinds database.

Once it's expanded and you see all of your tables right click over any table and Select Query Table

Delete the contents inside of the box

Paste the query I sent over and select Execute Query. This will give you information you are looking for.

If you want to make this more of a formal process, then I suggest using report writer to save the report.

Hi, thanks for the report

i had generated the report using report writer,i can view nodes which are down .. but i am not getting the list of un managed nodes....

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Run the query below. This should give you the report. If it's still not giving you the correct output can you show a pic of your results? I'm interested on seeing what's to the right of node name.

Select caption,unmanaged,UnManageFrom,UnManageUntil

From Nodes

Where unmanaged like '1'

I've been thinking about listing the current unmanaged nodes over the past 60 days. This is what I came up with, I imagine we could tie the current unmanaged nodes to the query below to provide more information.

This query shows you the nodes that went into unmanaged over the last 60 days, it's built around events. So if the device went back into management, the node will still show on this list.

Select Events.EventTime,Nodes.Caption,Message

From Nodes

INNER Join Events

ON Nodes.NodeID = Events.NetObjectID

Where Events.EventType like '40' AND

Events.EventTime>=DateAdd(d,-60, dateadd(d,0,datediff(d,0,getdate())))

Order by EventTime


Query is not working getting Error..attaching screenshot.

---> pls let me know the resource code for below to pull web based report

1) how to pull the report only for servers

2) over all inventory reportcs errr.JPG

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My query is sql based, I don't know if web based reporting handles sql. For the query I posted you would have to create the report via Report Writer using Advanced Sql. Then link the report to one of your webpages.

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i had executed query through report writer --advanced sql , i am getting report blank

we have some un-managed devices and we are using same sql DB.

---> can u give me code to pull list of all inventory in the network

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Are you running 11.5.2, and are you familiar with Database Manager?

This should render results on 11.5.2 and earlier versions.

Select Caption,IP_Address,Description,MachineType

From Nodes

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pls  check and let me know did i followed your process2.JPG


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