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Unmanaged Scheduler

I have reports due each month. I have to write exceptions for outages that are explainable. We shut down certain devices each night and on the weekends due to security requirements. I want to unmanage those devices and then start them again in the morning. It would save a lot of paperwork and time each month.


Thank you


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Nice post! I have the same trouble here. It's cool that you can create profiles for different application types and add servers into that profile but it is still a bit manual. Is there a way to add a list of servers that are part of a GPO?

My servers are rebooted based on GPO's that are hooked into SCCM. It would be nice to be able to say any servers that are affected by this GPO add to this profile in solarwinds unmanage utility. That way you are not constantly manually checking to see if the servers in the GPO match the servers that are in the profile in solarwinds.

Let me know what you think, or if anyone else has done it this way. Again there are a million different ways to skin this cat. but GPO's seem like the way to go.


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We use Solarwinds Unmanage Scheduling Utility!

I love it! It is alittle clugy, but it's the best tool till something else comes out.

I can create a profile with the servers that I know will be rebooted on a schedule, then I use Task Manager to schedule the Unmanage Utility profile for those servers in the profiles

that will be rebooted so I don't have all sorts of alerts and tickets being generated.

Go to Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features and use the Unmanaged Scheduler Utility,

I hope this helps!

Thanks much,

Cheryl Matrasko

Scheduling unmanage task for nodes, interfaces and applications

SolarWinds Orion Unmanage Schedule Utility

Functional Overview:

By default, Unmanage Tasks are saved in .xml format to the UnmanageUtility\Jobs folder.  During each save operation, a corresponding .cmd file will be created in the UnmanageUtility\Tasks folder.  This .cmd file is created in order to assist the user in creation of a Scheduled Windows Task, which will run the Unmanage Task at the desired time.  However, the details of the Unmanage Task itself are stored in the .xml file.

Add items to a new (or existing) Unmanage Task:

Select Orion Nodes, Interfaces (or Applications if APM is installed) from the "Add Items" dialog.  Items can be grouped for ease of use, into Node, Status (or Application Template in the case of APM).  The Add Items dialog will ask for an Unmanage duration before the selected items are added to the current Unmanage Task.  The Global Unmanage Task duration can later be changed (if desired) with the "Set Duration" button in the main UI. 

To Schedule an Unmanage Task:

Create a new Windows Scheduled Task, and configure the new task by selecting one of the .cmd files created in UnmanageUtility\Tasks.


UnmanageEditor.exe Error and Debug events are logged to:

UnmanageUtility\Unmanage.log and UnmanageUtility\UnmanageDebug.log.

UnmanageRunner.exe Error and Debug events are logged to:

UnmanageUtility\Jobs\Runner\Unmanage.log and UnmanageUtility\Jobs\Runner\UnmanageDebug.log.

Logging information is also provided in the Windows Event Log (SolarWinds.Net application log).

is there anyway to get alert via email that unmanage task has been created ?

I have unmanage tasks send me messages when the task starts and which task it is.

It really helps! You can do this from the Task Scheduler.

Hope this helps!


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Defn yes, there are a lot of ways to do it

1. Create a Report to check all Unmanaged nodes

2. Using advanced alert manager to trigger a mail for unmanged nodes

3. "Windows Scheduled Tasks" option missing under "List Resources"

(if you use unmanage utility available in Solarwinds the same task would be linked with Windows scheduled tasks and you can monitor the same to check if it completed successfully)

Please can i have the steps ?

Thank you in advance.

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what version of NPM are you using ?

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Hi vinay, im using latest version.

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But then if you are specifically looking at point 3 , do let me know I can give it a try

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3. If you are using unmanage scheduler to unmanage nodes/volumes/applciations you will have to check for the name of under Task Scheduler after creating a unmanage scheduler. You can monitor those tasks by using the new feature that is present in below link

"Windows Scheduled Tasks" option missing under "List Resources"

2. You can create a report for all unmanaged nodes and make it visible on your Solarwinds portal (Get onto the poller -> Start -> All Programs -> Solarwinds Orion -> Alerting, Reporting, and Mapping -> Report Writer -> Create New Report -> Current Status of Nodes, Volumes, etc)



1. If you want an alert when ever you unmanage the node, you will have to create an advanced alert (Get onto the poller -> Start -> All Programs -> Solarwinds Orion -> Alerting, Reporting, and Mapping -> Advanced Alert Manager - > Configure Alerts)

Create a new alert , I have attached trigger condition and trigger action below - remaining fields would be default



configure the email accordingly , you will have a message tab in email in which you will have to provide as mentioned below (please add more details as required)