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Riverbed - Source IP - Destination IP - Protocol - Pre - Post - Optimization


Trying to created a report that does exactly what the subject line says.

Anyone got ay ideas?

Am looking at the Solarwinds Riverbed Optimization report and it does part of what i need but am not a SQL guy so need some assistance.


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Level 15

Have you seen these reports?

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yeah, downloaded those and followed the instructions.

am getting negitive numbers on some of the interfaces and need more information that it currently gives.

thanks anyway.

Same issue here. I have verified the report is not giving me accurate data via the CMC reports off the Riverbed directly. I need to be able to include circuit info in the reports so the CMC is not a vialbe solution. Hopefully someone can help us figure out what is going on with the report.

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Anyone have any suggestions?

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i'm working on a similar issue. I am trying to report on the Percentage bandwidth reduction over time. I found that the Agg on the LAN resets around 4GB. this is because the values are stored as counter32 which means the value is wrapped when it hits 32 bits (4294967295).

The only way I see of being able to do this is if there was a way to transform the figure based on the previous poll, for example the new figure would be (newValue-previousValue)+previousValue. essentially incrementing by the differnence in the value and stoppin git resetting to zero.

Personally I think that Riverbed should set the device so that if either the LAN or WAN wraps and resets to zero then they both should.

I note that this post is quite old so if anyone has since had success in doing similar to what i'm trying to achieve i'd appreciate it.

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