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Reporting on Port Mode from Interface Details?

I am looking at this portion of the Interface Details resource on an Interface Details page in NPM 11.0.1;


and this information would be useful for me, but i can't seem to find any way to report on this information in the SWQL 3.0 schema, or the server based Report Writer application, or any other place I can think of.

Does anybody have any information on where these details that are being collected could be reported against somehow, anyhow?

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What you are looking at is probably a UDT resource (generally speaking, any time you see the word "Port" in Solarwinds, it's referring to UDT)

In SWQL, the table would be Orion.UDT.Port, or you could try to report on the "Port" object type in the web report writer.


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I have been familiar with SW referring to "port" as UDT related info, but this information is showing up in the Interface Details resource, which is the most default resource on the interface page. It would seem odd to me if it contained any UDT information.

That said, can anyone say for certain whether this Port Mode  Trunk info is exclusive to UDT?

That would be helpful to know, because in our experience UDT is as reliable as a wicker submarine.

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Sorry about that. I misunderstood the question. Try this out (designed for the Custom Query Resource using SWQL)

n.Caption as [DEVICE]
,nw.WebUri as [_LinkFor_DEVICE]
,i.Caption as [INTERFACE]
,iw.WebUri as [_LinkFor_INTERFACE]
,CASE WHEN p.PortType = '1' THEN 'Access'
  WHEN p.PortType = '2' THEN 'Trunk'
FROM Orion.NodePortInterfaceMap p
JOIN Orion.NPM.Interfaces i on i.NodeID = p.NodeID and i.InterfaceIndex = p.IfIndex
JOIN Orion.Nodes n on p.NodeID = n.NodeID
JOIN Orion.NodeWebUri nw on nw.NodeID = p.NodeID
Join Orion.NPM.InterfaceWebUri iw on iw.InterfaceID = i.InterfaceID and iw.NodeID = p.NodeID
WHERE p.PortType <> '0'
ORDER BY n.Caption, i.Caption


More 'finished' version can be found here: _SWQL - Port  Mode Report

Hope that helps!

Hi @zackm 

thanks for posting SWQL i also tried to fetch report with help of Web console but i am getting duplicate entries in report.

can you please help on how to remove duplicate entry.

i also tried to find details in "NodePortInterfaceMap" table but there is also seems duplicate entry for port 2.  

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