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Report showing user who unmanaged elements and muted alerts

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I have found a few threads on a similar subject, but nothing that is exactly what I want. I need a report that shows the following in a single query, or in 2 separate queries if necessary:

1. Nodes CURRENTLY Unmanaged showing when they were unmanaged, when they will be re-managed if available, and WHO did it.

2. List nodes that currently have their alerts muted, also along with who muted the alerts and when.

In each case, I need to be able to filter the report by using a particular node custom property.

Will this be a custom SWQL or SQL report? I cannot see how to include all the needed fields using Manage Reports.

Thanks for any help.

1 Solution

Great. So if you run the original query to show muted nodes, but you refer to EventTypes 55 and 56, does that produce the results you expected? Here's the revised query using your EventTypeIDs:

Edited 2018-05-03 to account for variation in Orion.AuditingActionTypes.ActionTypeID across installations.

Select N.Caption, Supp.SuppressFrom, Supp.SuppressUntil, LastMuteEvent.TimeLoggedUtc, AE.AccountID   
from Orion.Nodes N  
INNER JOIN Orion.AlertSuppression Supp on Supp.EntityUri = N.Uri  
SELECT NetObjectID, Max(AuditEventID) as [AuditEventID], Max(TimeLoggedUtc) as [TimeLoggedUtc]  
FROM Orion.AuditingEvents  
where ActionTypeID in ( 
SELECT ActionTypeID 
FROM Orion.AuditingActionTypes 
where ActionType = 'Orion.AlertSuppressionAdded' 
or ActionType = 'Orion.AlertSuppressionChanged' 
group by NetObjectID  
) AS [LastMuteEvent] on LastMuteEvent.NetObjectID = N.NodeID  
LEFT OUTER JOIN Orion.AuditingEvents AE on AE.AuditEventID = LastMuteEvent.AuditEventID  
ORDER BY N.Caption 

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