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Level 9

Report for existing alert configurations


I need to configure a report that gets me the summary details [in the last summary page] of all the 'Alerts configured in solarwinds'

Since i require the details of trigger conditions and trigger actions configured in each alert.

Kindly help me in this regard.



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Level 10

Any luck on this?

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No answers because it can't be done in any user friendly way.  It's fairly easy to get a report that breaks down everything except the trigger and reset conditions.  Those are stored as xml in the database and I have yetto come across anyone who has any good tricks for parsing them back into something that is really human readable.

If you run this as a SWQL query it will give you the data if want to take a crack at decoding it

--Alert Configuration and Actions Report

select as  [Alert Name]




WHEN ac.Severity = 2 then 'Critical'

WHEN ac.Severity = 3 then 'Serious'

WHEN ac.Severity = 1 then 'Warning'

WHEN ac.Severity = 0 then 'Informational'

WHEN ac.Severity = 5 then 'Notice'

END AS [Severity]








from orion.actionsassignments aa

join orion.alertconfigurations ac on aa.parentid=ac.alertid

join orion.actions a on a.actionid=aa.actionid

join orion.actionsproperties ap on ap.actionid=a.actionid

where ac.enabled=1

order by ac.Name, aa.Categorytype desc, a.ActionTypeID, ap.PropertyName

- Marc Netterfield, Github