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Level 9

Report for Global Protect VPN Usage

Has anyone had any luck writing a report showing global protect VPN usage by users. 

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I got this info from someone else today.


I think it is the panGPGWUtilizationActiveTunnels OID.  You can find it in the file when you download from Palo Alto --


I was able to take this and come up with with the following iod:  With this I was able to create a universal poller.  I'm running 8.1.x on my PA.

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Level 13

We were able to pull Global Protect User counts through a SAM Linux/Unix Script Monitor. If the info you need is available through the API this method may work for you. We tried using the built in API method but the results pulled are a mix of text and statistics, which isn't (as of yet) supported.

#Count of Prisma VPN Users

stat=`curl -s -k -u s $credential $uri | grep Count | awk -F ">" '{print $7}' | awk -F "<" '{print $1}' | awk '{print $4}'`

echo Statistic.CloudVPNUsers:"$stat"
#echo Message:"$stat"

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