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Level 10

Report all monitored elements

Hi All.

Is there any way to produce a report that lists what elements are monitored on what nodes?
I need to produce lists of every element on every node.

            -Volume C
            -Custom app mon 1
            -Custom app mon 2
            -etc, etc


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In SQL joining all these different kinds tables with different kinds of things on them can be kind of a mess with a lot of the data duplicating in columns, but this should get you the raw info you asked for as a custom swql query.

It would be possible to clean this up and make the output a lot nicer but it is going to take some SQL wizardry.


n.Caption as [Node]


when max(cpu.maxload) is null then 'No'

when max(cpu.maxload) is not null then 'Yes'

end as [CPU]


when max(cpu.totalmemory) is null then 'No'

when max(cpu.totalmemory) is not null then 'Yes'

end as [Memory]

, v.caption as [Volumes]

, i.ifname as [Interfaces]

, as [Applications]

FROM Orion.Nodes n

left join orion.volumes v on v.nodeid=n.nodeid

left join orion.npm.interfaces i on i.nodeid=n.nodeid

left join Orion.CPULoad cpu on cpu.nodeid=n.nodeid

left join Orion.APM.Application a on a.nodeid=n.nodeid

group by n.nodeid, n.Caption, v.caption, i.ifname,

order by nodeid



-Marc Netterfield

    Loop1 Systems: SolarWinds Training and Professional Services

- Marc Netterfield, Github

Hi Mark - I'm trying to add a custom Node property "Customer" in here for the column output, and my formatting isn't working.

I am trying:


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In swql the nodes custom properties don't live on the same view as the nodes themselves

replace all n.customer with n.customproperties.customer and that should work

- Marc Netterfield, Github

Thanks Mark...!!!

I've been looking for a report like this as well, is there anyone that can help. Ether with an report or SQL script?

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This seems interesting, I think that in order to produce something accurate a clear understanding of ones environment is necessary. Would not want to write out a query that probes for something that does not exist in your environment. How many SW products do you have ?

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Level 9

I'm looking for exactly the same thing.  Any luck in getting information?

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Add my name as an interested party as well.  This would be very helpful.

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