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Level 11

Report Scheduler - Website Address Mismatch

Can any of you comment on the below error message and how to get around it?  I do not know where in the configuration wizard it would be getting https://Solarwinds from.


I am trying to resolve this issue that seems to just follow me every time I get to the latest version of NPM.

Unable to retrieve url: https://Solarwinds:443/Orion/Report.aspx?ReportID=918 using Excel

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Level 11

  • Stop all Orion Services
  • Open the Orion Database Manager
  • Query the ReportsUrls table
  • Follow the instructions on the image below:


  • Close Orion Database Manager
  • Start all Orion Services

Helpful links:

Steps to redirect the SolarWinds website from HTTP to HTTPS.

Redirect the SolarWinds website from HTTP to HTTPS in Windows 2012 R2

Orion website redirected to IIS default website

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What if [dbo].[ReportJobUrls] is empty?

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Level 8

Bumping as I am having the same issue.  SSL configured and working but somewhere Solarwinds thinks http is the default website.

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