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Report: AccessPoint Historical Clients - InterfaceIndex


The request: A customer is asking if we can provide an overview of all users that connected to an AP associated with a particular Wireless controller for last week, containing:

- Date/hour connection was made

- Wi-Fi AP

- SSID used

- Name and first name of the person (username)

- Client IP address

My approach: I can't find a pre-made report, but a resource containing almost all required information exists in SolarWinds: the History Wireless Clients for last 7 days (see below)


Excepted that the username is not present and this report can’t be exported to Excel.

But, using “Hubble” I can retrieve the SWQL query and then add the username, this report will be also exportable in Excel.

The question: But I can’t found the values in the statement “IN” for cl.InterfaceIndex in an another table, in the case above, the values 2493, 2494.

How I can retrieve these values ?

In attachment, you have all queries found in “Hubble”

Thanks in advance

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