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Pull VolumeSize change count from Subset of servers

I would like to create a report that capitalizes on the graph "Volume Size" that's present on the disk summary page. This graph shows you the volume size over time, so my assumption is we could count the number of increases or decreases by disk. This way I can show that Server X, and disk Y, has had 4 increases in its life.

The report would be filtered to only about 3 node custom properties. I see there's the "VolumeSize" available in the Volumes table, but I suppose I'm not familiar enough to be able to count it per disk based on those filters.

Report Format:

Server Name | Disk Name | Size Change Count

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Level 14

This might need some refinement, but this is what I put together to start with (the Orion.Volumes table only has one Disk Size field, it doesn't contain the history whille VolumeUsageHistory should):

SELECT v.node.Caption as [Server Name], v.Caption as [Disk Name], count(DISTINCT v.VolumeUsageHistory.DiskSize) as [Size Change Count]

FROM Orion.Volumes v

where v.Type = 'Fixed Disk'

group by v.node.Caption, v.Caption

order by [Size Change Count] desc

In my instance there are very many more size increases than I would normally expect, but that could be something else that I haven't looked into yet. Additionally you may want to filter out other drive types or be inclusive depending on your tastes as memory allocations (physical, virtual, etc) show up as volumes.

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I had a similar use case that might help.  I have a dashboard with two custom tables 'Volume utilization changed by 20% over 2 hours' and 'Volume utilization changed by 20% over 24 hours'.

Preview of table:



SELECT V.Node.NodeName, V.Caption

FROM Orion.Volumes V

WHERE ( V.VolumeType = 'Fixed Disk'

  -- Modify the hours value on the line below to set time period

     AND V.VolumeUsageHistory.DateTime >= ADDDATE('HOUR',-2, GETUTCDATE()) )

GROUP BY V.Node.NodeName, V.Caption

  -- Modify the percentage utilisation value on the line below

HAVING (MAX(V.VolumeUsageHistory.PercentDiskUsed) - MIN(V.VolumeUsageHistory.PercentDiskUsed)) > 20

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