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Level 11

How do I report of interfaces with a compliance violation?

We have a need to generate a list of interfaces missing specific settings.  After that, if possible, we would like to be able to mark or designate some of those interfaces as okay with that they are missing the settings so we don't have to keep seeing them show up on the report.

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Level 14

If you have NCM, that would definitely solve this.

The compliance pieces are handled per node/per configuration not per interface, so you may need to get creative with ways on excluding particular interfaces that don't fit your policies or write rules that are more specific to the interfaces you're looking for. This is a pretty big feature so you're not going to find everything you need in one spot, but this looks like a pretty good place to jump in (there's also a SolarWinds Academy class that touches on some of this if you prefer that approach):

About NCM policy reports

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