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Level 12

How do I create a report that shows Node Name, IP Address, Total Memory, Number of CPUs, All Volumes for the node, and the Size of each Volume?

Here's what I want the report to look like:

Server          IP Address               vCPU               RAM               Volumes          Volume Size

Server A                         4                         16GB                    C:\ OS                     80GB

                                                                                                                            D:\ Database          300GB

                                                                                                                            E:\ DB Trans          150GB

Server B                         2                         8GB                      C:\ OS                    80GB

                                                                                                                             D:\ Images              2TB


With the new/improved Web Report Writer I was sure that this could be done, however, I am struggling to wrap my brain around how to do it.

Any ideas?

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Level 13


It can be done but it looks different. I pick All Disk Volumes Inventory Report and slightly modified it.

I added more nodes properties and I added group BY.



In your way it should be possible via Custom SWQL or Custom SQL. It this enough for you?


This is great!  Thank you.  It would be nice if there were a way to include processor count in the report without any custom SQL

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