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Level 9

Creating a Monthly Up-time report for specific nodes

I have been tasked with creating a report in the following scenario:

Tier 1 consists of 6 nodes, divided into 3 groups. These 3 groups make up the backbone to the network.

Group one consists of GRP1PE01 and GRP1PE02

Group two consists of GRP2PE01 and GRP2PE02

Group three consists of GRP3PE01 and GRP3PE02

If either device in each group has 100% up-time for the month then up-time for that group is considered to be 100% due to redundancy. The tricky part that I have not figured out is that GRP1PE01 could be down on say, the 13th and 14th, and GRP1PE02 could be down on the 25th of the month but the up-time for the backbone or Tier 1 would be 100% due to redundancy. The only time there would be less than 100% up-time would be if both nodes in a group were down at the same time. I have gotten a lot of experience with NPM over the past year but am not proficient in either SQL or SWQL. I have begun trying SWQL, and am not afraid of trying anything just wanted to make sure that you are aware of my level of expertise (or the lack of it!). Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.


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Level 16

There is a premade availability report on Report Writer that may get you started in the right direction. 

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