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Configured Alerts Report

Hi - new here.  Looking for a report of all Configured reports that show:

1. Alert name

2. Enabled - true or false

3. Trigger Condition

4. Trigger action

The Web 'All Configured Alerts' does not included Trigger Condition and Trigger Action.





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This request comes up often and unfortunately it's not directly doable.  The trigger and reset conditions are stored in an XML format that is not especially human readable, its easy to make a report that shows them, but they are unfortunately meaningless in that format. 

The most common work around that I've seen is to make sure you populate the descriptions of the alerts and embed as much of the logic as you can there.  A work flow I have used before was to copy the relevant info from the last page of the edit alert screen and then paste that list of trigger and reset logic back in at the description on the first page.

This custom SWQL query should get you the info you asked for,

--Alert Configuration and Actions Report
select as [Alert Name]
WHEN ac.Severity = 2 then 'Critical'
WHEN ac.Severity = 3 then 'Serious'
WHEN ac.Severity = 1 then 'Warning'
WHEN ac.Severity = 0 then 'Informational'
WHEN ac.Severity = 5 then 'Notice'
END AS [Severity]
WHEN ac.Severity = 2 THEN '/Orion/images/ActiveAlerts/Critical.png'
WHEN ac.Severity = 3 THEN '/Orion/images/ActiveAlerts/Serious.png'
WHEN ac.Severity = 1 THEN '/Orion/images/ActiveAlerts/Warning.png'
WHEN ac.Severity = 0 THEN '/Orion/images/ActiveAlerts/InformationalAlert.png'
WHEN ac.Severity = 5 THEN '/Orion/images/ActiveAlerts/Notice.png'
END AS [_iconfor_Severity]

from orion.alertconfigurations ac

order by ac.Name
- Marc Netterfield, Github

I, too, would appreciate this kind of reporting ability, without having to go through extra contortions.

For now, I simply go to Admin > Alerts & Reports > Manage Alerts.  Then I GROUP BY: Enabled and all the active reports show up on the right screen.

This view shows columns showing the name of the alert, a description that I've created for it (if the Alert's Name isn't intuitive enough), the Property to Monitor, the Trigger Actions (which I can hover over to see what's going to happen with that Alert), the alert's Owner, and the Type of Alert (user-defined or out-of-the-box).

It's slower & tedious compared to having a lovely Report built, but it works since I only have a couple of dozen Alerts enabled.  Maybe my process will work for you until Solarwinds creates a happy Report for this.


Swift Packets!

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Level 7

Meant to say 'All configured Alerts'  (not configured reports)

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I am still working on the Query Layout, but this has the data not in XML.  I also will be updating this with additional email details sometime in the near future. Find line 15 and comment out the where clause that filters the report to 'Enabled Alerts'.

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