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Concurrent Connections by Virtual Server

So NPM has this neat little widget under My Dashboards>Network>Load Balancing and it is called Concurrent Connections by Virtual Server. The only problem is, you really can't edit this widget to show specific virtual servers on your F5's. Which would be extremely handy if you have multiple F5 appliances. So I was able to create a SWQL report to show the connections on the 3 virtual servers over the last 24 hours, but this raw data somehow doesn't work when I try to create a custom chart report. (see swql statement)

SELECT VSS.DateTime, VSS.VirtualServer.Name, VSS.Connections
FROM Orion.F5.LTM.VirtualServerStats VSS
WHERE (VSS.DateTime >= ADDDATE('HOUR', -24, GETUTCDATE())) AND (VSS.VirtualServerID = 552 OR VSS.VirtualServerID = 864 OR VSS.VirtualServerID =1694)
ORDER BY VSS.DateTime, VSS.VirtualServer.Name ASC


Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get this to work in a custom chart report??

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Strangely this is not working for SWQL, but it is working for SQL.


You can use below query. It should work with Custom Chart.


SELECT VSS.DateTime, (vs.Name + ' ON ' + n.Caption) AS [Name], VSS.Connections
FROM F5_LTM_VirtualServer_Stats VSS

LEFT JOIN F5_LTM_VirtualServer vs ON VSS.VirtualServerID = vs.VirtualServerID

LEFT JOIN Nodes n ON vs.NodeID = n.NodeID

WHERE (VSS.DateTime >= DATEADD(hour, -24, GETDATE())) AND (VSS.VirtualServerID = 552 OR VSS.VirtualServerID = 864 OR VSS.VirtualServerID =1694)

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Level 7

I too would like some insight into someone implementing a custom dashboard to segment out each environments. There has to be a way to add custom properties to F5 so we can better view a more simple dashboard widget

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