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Level 7

AD User Account Lockout Report


I created an user account lockout report for our help desk to use so that they can find out why the user was locked out. This report looks at user lockout events. It will list who is locked out and which system the lockout originated from.

I had to use a SQL query in order to strip out the user and the system where the lockout originated from. I don't believe string manipulation is supported in SWQL.

Hopefully this will help someone else out there.

Thank you,


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Level 9

Forgive the ask, how do I get this into Solarwinds so I can test this?

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Level 8

This is awesome! Can you tell me how many hours/days the report goes back? I'm not great with SQL so I can't tell by looking. Thanks!

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Dude, this is GREAT! Thanks for sharing.

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