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Solarwinds bandwidth monitor credential fail

Hey, I already config. all data to login in Monitor.

Print1 >

But I'm getting this error: Crential test failed

I already did some stuffs in security tab:

Why I can't access? someone can help me?

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Please help me to set up the solarwinds RTM  on my dektop. I am connecting switch to my laptop. I dont understand why server manger needed to set up SNMP, as i have done it using Putty.

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Can Solarwinds ping the server? Just making sure that Solarwinds can see this particular server. Does Solarwinds need to go through a firewall to reach this server? Again checking accessibility. Is the firewall turned on on this server? If it is, maybe it's blocking the SNMP access.

I can't read Portugese so I'm not sure if SNMP  has been configured correctly on the server but here's a guide on how to.

If community string is configured correctly and the server is accessible, then you should be able to reach it via SNMP with no issues.

If this server is a remote server maybe try just accessing a local server (no firewalls etc) to make sure you get all your settings correct.

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Yes, the SNMP has been configured correctly on the server.

The Firewall and the avast is offline and I'm getting the same error: credentials failed

Also, if I try ping

I can't see any problem. And no, is not a remote server, Is my own computer.

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So something is blocking the SNMP request or SNMP isn't configured correctly on the server itself.

Double check that the server firewall has all been disabled and that SNMP is indeed configured correctly. Beyond that, I'm not sure what the issue is.

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I downloaded Solarwinds SNMP enabler for windows.

I did the same and I get this error: Host is not responding or RPC is unavailable

Then I exported a log.txt file with the error, check this: #Host is not responding or RPC is unavailable[Não é possível abrir o Gerenciador de Controle de Serviços no computador ''. Talvez esta operação exija outros privilégios.]

Translating to English: #Host is not responding or RPC is unavailable[Unable to open the Service Control Manager on computer ''. Maybe this operation requires other privileges]

Then my problem is with privileges? I'm computer admin. Lol.

Any idea?

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It sounds like to me that SNMP is not running correctly on the server.

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Then have you some idea about what I need do?

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Make sure the firewall on the server is turned off. And double check your SNMP configuration. I'm happy to look at screen grabs but I can't read portugese.

Or do a quick search in google on how to configure SNMP on a server and set it up accordingly.

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Firewall and avast is offline. Try compare this image from Google with my PC config.

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Try allowing SNMP packets from any host and make the Read Only community something simple like public.

Then test it and if it still doesn't work, then trace out to see if anything (like a firewall) is sitting between the machine where you are running the bandwidth monitor from and the destination. Something is blocking it, I don't know what that is.

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