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Realtime bandwidth monitor not showing correct bandwidth, can NPM provide the same functionality with the correct bandwidth?

Hi, I'm a fan of the real-time bandwidth monitor, and have used it for a couple of years to provide a quick visual guide for the current utilization of our MPLS links to different offices. Unfortunately in the last few months in appears that the bandwidth values that it is providing are not correct, at least for some links. The fiber links appear to be correct, while the Ethernet over Copper links are displaying a bandwidth less than that reported by our ISP and what I found when testing using jperf. I found in this forum that "The interface speed is read from ifTable and ifxTable. Can you check those to see what speeds are reported there? The columns you would be looking for are ifSpeed (ifTable, in bps) and ifHighSpeed (ifXTable, in Mbps).", however I'm not sure how to check this in the router (or if our ISP will allow access to do so). Can anyone please advise either what change I can request our ISP to make to our routers to display the correct bandwidth values? Can NPM (which we also use) provide the same real-time display?

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