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Identifying traffic on ports

I've just installed the SolorWinds Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor on my desktop PC, and configured SNMP on my NetGear FVS336Gv2 router.  When configuring the Bandwidth Monitor is identified 5 Interfaces (one being the software loopback, which I ignored).

The NetGear router has two WAN connections, and 4 LAN connection.  Both WAN connections are in use and connected to two different ISPs.  Of the four LAN connections, three are in use.

I've configured Bandwidth monitoring on the four interfaces that the SolarWinds software identified.  They are identified at eth0, eth1, eth0.2, & eth0.3.

I can't tell which interface is which port.  Watching the monitor screens it appears that eth0 & eth0.2 are showing identical traffic paterns.  Eth1 appears to be showing identical but mirrored traffic pattern, meaning where 0 & 0.2 are showing high outbound traffic and low inbound traffic, eth1 is showing high inbound traffic and low outbound traffic, but the graph pattern is identical.  Eth0.3 shows a slightly different pattern but it's not clear what it's representing.

Can someone help me understand what the Bandwidth monitor is recording?

Thanks for your help.

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Level 9

Apparently, the raw data comes from

ifInOctets( and ifOutOctets( if ifx counters are not supported. If ifx counters ARE supported then the raw data comes from:

ifHInOctets( and ifHOutOctets(


These values provide:

“The total number of octets received/transmitted on the interface, including framing characters.”

These values are then normalized to bytes and time interval. 


From what dev has mentioned it may be that the duplicate interface (0 and 0.2) are probably a subdivision of the main interface (0).

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