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Haven't used Solarwinds since 2005

I have been using other tools as a consultant (got to save money somewhere) since I left my previous permanent position. We finally got big enough to want the product again. Initially we have purchased NPM and I am trying out the Netflow Analysis right now. I have been using MRTG to monitor our network for the past few years. My issue is that the two products are not agreeing on interface utilization. I have a link that is acting up, so I think I believe the solarwinds output which says I am using about 90% of my bandwidth. But my MRTG is showing only about 10%. I have double checked my MRTG config file to make sure the bandwidth setting is correct. The interface I am dealing with is hard coded to 100Mbps because that is the connection speed setting of the telco. This is a 100Mbps MPLS VPN on one vlan with a Direct Internet Access (DIA) vlan on the same interface (I know, bad bad bad). The MRTG bandwidth setting is 12500000 (double checked on MRTG site and this is correct for a 100Mbps interface). My question is how to I check that solarwinds is using the proper setting for the interface.


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