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Yes, ipMonitor 10.5 has been Released into the Wild

Level 9

We are thrilled to announce that ipMonitor 10.5 has been released with some great new features. We know how dedicated and patient you ipMonitor lovers have been and we thank you for that. We took your feedback and have built in some of the features that were most requested, such as printer monitoring (here). This release includes the following.

  • Bandwidth monitors will separate inbound and outbound traffic. This enhancement provides a more detailed view of bandwidth usage, allowing the ability to test incoming and outgoing data rates.


  • A shiny new printer monitor! 


  • Web-based login so you can login once and stay logged in.


  • Several bug fixes.
  • The ability to sort columns in reporting view.
  • Enhanced Exchange support - support for Exchange 2010.

Also, as the new ipMonitor Product Manager, feel free to contact me about any questions you may have.

-Jason Ervin

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Product Manager @Solarwinds