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Working 9 to 5: Limiting Your Reports to Business Hours

Level 19

Here at the SolarWinds Austin office, we had new guy start in our IT department this week.  He’s new to Orion and was taking advantage of his ready access to the product team to get up to speed.  One of his first questions was how to run a report that’s limited to business hours.  His first attempts at an interface traffic report were fine on the "last few hours” scale, but when he did 24 hours or last 7 days, the average traffic rate dropped because of the relatively light traffic during the middle of the night.

We helped him out, but it reminded me that this particular use case is really common, and to be perfectly honest, the feature is not very well exposed, so some users take a long time to realize that Orion can handle this scenario.  Just to prod anyone who hasn’t discovered the feature, a quick primer:


Let’s say you want to limit a report to Monday through Friday during business hours (let’s say 9:00 am to 5:00 pm).  To find the feature, you need to open Report Writer (which you’ll find on the Orion Server). 


I’m going to use the Average and Peak  Traffic – Last 7 Days report. 


By default, this report will look at 24 hours of data for the last 7 days.  To limit the report to business hours, you need to use the Filter Results tab.  Just add a condition, choose Date/Time, and then select “Hour of Day”. 


You’ll need to specify the starting time in one condition and the end time in another.  For 9-5, you’d specify greater than or equal to 9 and less than or equal to 17, since it needs 24 hour format.  This filter will limit the data to business hours.


Limiting data by time of day is not available for most reports.  It’s present for availability reports, traffic reports (except for 95th percentile), and historical volume usage reports.   In most other reports, it didn’t make much sense.  If there are reports where you think business hour limitations would be valuable but we haven’t enabled it, please let us know.

Level 7

I know this post of yours is old, but I'm coming across this exact problem and would like to know if you've ever been able to resolve it?

Any relative information you might have would be greatly appreciated.


Level 12

Can this functionality be added to the 95th percentile reports?

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