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Why is the web console slow?

Level 21

I see on thwack here and there users posting regarding their web console and it sometimes being slow and what could be causing that.  Usually I tell them to open a support ticket since it is hard to diagnose via a forum, however, I wanted to try and compile what our Support Techs typically ask when you do open a case with Support.  I have compiled this list of potential items to look at below.

· Do you have Microsoft SQL Server running on the same box as Orion?  If so, you may want to look to moving it off box if you are monitoring quite a few things.  SQL is typically a memory hog.

· Check the average write disk queue length on the disks that the Orion database is writing to.

· Make sure no other corporate back-up programs might be running during the time the slowness is happening.

· Do you have a shared Microsoft SQL Server with multiple database instances that the Orion database is on?  What are those other database doing?  Are they starving the Orion database?

· How much memory is the Microsoft SQL Server allowed to use?  The more the better, especially as you add additional modules on top on Orion NPM, but on average 3 GB is a good starting point.

· How many users are using the website when the slowness is happening?  Do you potentially need to look at adding an additional web server?

· How many resources do you have on the page that is experiencing the slowness?  If a lot, if you reduce it, does the page perform better.

· Do you have real-time anti-virus running on the Orion server?  If so, you may want to look to exclude the inetpub directory and also if possible the SolarWinds directory.

· On the Orion server do you currently have NPM and other Orion Modules?  If so, make sure the specs on your box are up to snuff to handle them.

· Make sure you are on the latest version and if you cannot upgrade, at least the latest service pack for Orion

· Are you sending a lot of Syslog Messages and SNMP Traps to the Orion Server, on the order of tens of thousands?

· How many elements are you monitoring with Orion?  If you are running upwards of 8,000 elements with out of the box default polling setting, it might be time to get another poller

If you do try these and it is no better, by all means, please open a support ticket, but when you do, be sure to submit Orion diagnostics with the ticket as that will be one of the first things they ask from you.

Level 9

I will echo jp and mention that removing the Solarwinds directory and the Inetpub directory from scanning by anti-virus does miracles. Radically improved performance! Do this first if you are allowed to change the folder scan settings of whatever anti-virus program you use on the Solarwinds NPM server. If you can't change the settings, have a talk with your friendly local Windows admin and politely demand the change.

Level 14

I don't think we'll ever truly know.

About the Author
I have currently been at SolarWinds for a little over three years and have been in the IT technology field for about 10 years either as an Engineer/IT Admin or working for a software company to help makes those folks lives easier.  I graduated from Texas A&M University with an MIS degree from the Business School and have been in Austin for about 8 years.