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What we're working on... the live edition: NCM Improved Policy Reports

Level 15

You all are probably familiar with our What We're Working On posts... Well, we're going to expand on that from time to time and not only *tell* you what we're working on... we're actually going to *show* you. And in NCM-land - one thing we're working on is enhanced policy reports. I hope you'll take some time to check out what we're up to and let us know your thoughts. 


One note - all of these screen shots are from the Orion integration module. Here we go - first - we have the Manage Policy screen. 


A few notes on this screenshot: 


1. Did you notice the "Share on thwack" tab? Yup, that does exactly what you think it does. Neat!

2. Search reports (got trimmed due to the blog display size, it's a field in the menu off to the right) - this searches what I'd refer to as the "visual" page content - title, date, description, etc.  - the content displayed on the page. Searching will search all the reports however, regardless of what folder you've put them in. 




Moving on to screen shot two. We have Create New Rule. This one is especially exciting in that it provides the much-requested interface-level policy checking functionality. 

A couple of notes on this screen shot: 

1. The remediation scripts are not automatic. When you run a report, you have the ability to run a script to remediate a violation from the results, but we opted not to build in an auto-remediation function. Do you have an opinion on that? 

2. Check syntax does just what it says. If you write a regular expression in the box, the function will check to make sure you have formatted it correctly, but will not check to make sure it will work. 



Create New Policy: Rules go into Policies, Policies take those rules and assign them to nodes, then Policies roll up into Reports. Here we're showing the Create New Policy screen shot. 



Lastly - here's the Violation Details popup. In the past, we only told you about the first time a rule was violated. Now we spell out each and every time. 


A few notes on this one: 

1. Here's your chance to run that remediation script you defined in the Create Rule screen shot. 

2. You can remediate this node - or all nodes in violation (that have a script of course). 


So, there you are. I haven't added a ton of commentary for the express reason (and hope) that it should make sense to you without explanation. If it doesn't, please ask and we'll look into making it more self explanatory. As we get further along, we'll be doing beta reviews so stay tuned for that as well. Looking forward to your feedback!

About the Author
Christine joined the team in January ’09 and is currently a director of product marketing. She has experience in both very large and very small tech companies, and thinks that SolarWinds is just right.  She’s been in technology for about fifteen years doing project and product management. She loves Austin, but wishes CA would let us move Napa to Texas.