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What we are working on for UDT 3.3 (Updated on April 24, 2015)

Following recent UDT 3.2.2 Service release in which we added Web alerting and brought back the ability to manage nodes without a re-discovery, the development team is already working on new features for next release. Below is a highlight of some of these items in the pipeline.

Improved Juniper support

Web Reporting

Whitelisting improvements

Err-disabled port status in UI

Cross-product Integration

  • NTA endpoint details displayed in UDT and vice versa

Disclaimer: Comments given in this forum should not be interpreted as a commitment that SolarWinds will deliver any specific feature in any particular time frame. All discussions of future plans or product roadmaps are based on the product teams intentions, but those plans can change at any time.


Hi Peter,

Please remember and push for this.

And please keep this in mind as well.


Level 13

Hi Thor,

as you pointed on these soon enough we were able to fix both of the issues. Did you upgrade to 3.2.1 RC please?



3.2.1 RC was tested OK. We need all the fixes plus improvements in the final GA for the target mission critical systems.


Level 9

Hi do you know where I can download the recent UDT 3.2.2 Service release?

Level 11

Great news on SSID exclusion (please also allow inclusion too - if another WLC is added to monitoring we would get spamed until it had been excluded), hopefully this will address some of the issues we are seeing. I'll look forward to trying out the BETA....

I'll need to get 3.2.2 installed soon as I've been having issues with people setting up UDT on nodes which it should not be added on for a while now.

However I think my main issue will still be not having IP address to MAC mapping due to us mainly having ASA's as the default gateway for just about all our user LANs.

Level 11

It'll be in the customer portal.

Level 9

I would like to request to features

1. When you use the search functionality, it would be nice if I searched by IP, that it returns all the fields, i.e. ip/mac/node/user  This would be convenient when looking at a single IP range and I can see exactly whom is logging in.

2. In the list of Rogue devices, it would convenient if when i click Safe device, add to white list, that I get an option of which white list to add it to.  I have built custom white lists for different groupings of devices and usually copy the mac address then click on UDT settings --> Whitelist --> find the particular white list and then paste.

Level 16

It's now >>2 years since this post was made, and I've yet to see UDT 3.3 come out with the Juniper VRF support.

I just got a survey about this product, which made me look here and realize how little progress there has been in 2 years.... making me ask is product development still alive?

Level 9

Frankly, as I've been planning on getting to new server and SQL versions (Windows Server 2012 R2 & on the horizon 2016, and MS-SQL 2016 SP1) as part of "hardware life-cycle", I was wondering the same thing!?!?

  • At this time 3.2.4 remains the current version and offers conflicting 2016 support - for OS & SQL, while all the other Orion complements do (even VNQM... which doesn't seen to get much love either!  And IPAM 4.5 was recently released to support those too).  According to the product compatibility matrix listing as of the date of this post, UDT doesn't support OS 2016 nor SQL 2016 (SP1 or base) or 2014 SP2, however the product release notes for 3.2.4 do say it has SQL 2016 support (but not specifically SP1).

This potentially means either holding off on upgrading, having to run on unsupported platforms & risk support, or using older OS/SQL versions - None of which are good options.

Makes one wonder "what is going on with this product, and is it worth keeping it?!" - It's been over a year on updates, and I can't say it's been consistent on providing information as one would expect, so I'm not sure I would be missing all that much.

Solarwinds what's the story???

I am running v3.3 and it's been pretty bumpy. At this moment I'm unable to use any of the features within UDT. I am eagerly awaiting fixes.

Level 8

Have things been ironed out for you?  We're considering purchasing UDT but it does seem that the product has a rather long update cycle...

I would recommend running the UDT Compatibility Checker: UDT Compatibility Checker - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

And also reviewing this article if you plan to collect AD logins: Not receiving user data from domain controllers and validating active directory in UDT - SolarWinds ...

You could also run a 30-day trial of UDT to ensure you're not facing any of the issues above.